Meet Demi Samande

Demi Samande is the Chief Executive Officer of Majeurs, a company she founded in June 2011. Armed with a degree in Applied Science focused on architecture and a love for beautiful furniture, Demi became more interested in furniture-making and began taking courses. Eventually, she was inspired to start a furniture restoration business—in the inauspicious surroundings of her London living room. The first distressed sofa, lovingly restored to its original magnificence, was to embody the company’s hallmark – timeless design, a modern sensibility and exceptional quality. Demi then launched herself into designing furniture that she envisioned instinctively and recreating pieces that inspired her.

Taking on projects all over the UK, Demi began to grow an impressive list of upper-crust clients that would generate publicity and recognition for the company. Photo opportunities with Prince Charles and Prime Minister David Cameron helped raise her profile as a young, dynamic entrepreneur and thought leader in design and business. The opportunity created a demand from young people and women wanting to know more about her rise to success, leading Demi to share her insights on ‘Demi Samande’, her YouTube channel, and then going on to create SUSU Podcast. This platform explores the various stories of entrepreneurs who are making an impact. Although she had a fulfilling life in the UK, Demi yearned to seek new horizons and expand the business abroad. Despite its negative media image, she was drawn to her country of origin, Nigeria, and decided to set up a Lagos furniture factory. Despite challenges ranging from a lack of infrastructure and stifling bureaucracy to a limited supply chain and untrained workforce, Demi has succeeded in establishing Majeurs as the premier luxury furniture manufacturer in West Africa. Her signature pieces are sought after by prominent families, top corporations, beautiful design lovers and sophisticated lifestyles. As she moves towards growing Majeurs into a globally recognized brand, Demi Samande continues to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs through her blog posts, videos and media interviews. Her eyes are firmly fixed on redefining what it means to be ‘made in Nigeria’ and becoming the preferred supplier of fine furniture across Africa.